When I Couldn't Breathe

from by Sundials



Sitting at the bar, trying my best to stay sweet, it’s so damn hard.
And you come along, run your fingers through my rat’s nest,
Ask me how I am. Tightness in my chest.
But I’d never tell you that. All I want is to hold you close.
Say, yesterday we spoke as the rain came down. It felt all right.

When I couldn’t breathe you were on my mind.
How’s that for having a crush?
Oh, but you’re way too pretty,
and I’m a fucking total wreck.

Standing on the porch, I can’t escape your eyes.
We sit down on the steps, talk about this year.
I could make a million mixtapes for you.


from When I Couldn't Breathe, released September 25, 2012


all rights reserved


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