"Never Settle" LP​/​CD

by Sundials

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released February 27, 2011

All songs recorded by Dan Norsworthy and Steven Birch at Abitterhello studios in McLean, VA. Mastered by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers. All songs written and performed by Sundials. Slide guitar on Probably Not by Tommy Sorensen. Auxiliary Percussion by Dan Norsworthy. Backing vocals by Dan Norsworthy, Alexandra Dimitri, and the Feed. Cover photo and live photos by Joanna Moreno. Masks by Max Weinstein-Bacal. Art layout by Max Weinstein-Bacal and Quinten Collis.



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Track Name: Either Way
I'll shut my mouth, I know your never wrong, I'm always late. But I'll do my best to come off kind of strong and worth the wait. It's in my blood and my body, I never sleep without thinking 'bout the day. Too much to lay like I'm getting rest, so my worries stay. Tomorrow is tomorrow either way. (H. Mendell)
Track Name: Never Settle
They paved the path that we had forged with our very souls at stake. And I'm tired, I'm not sure of how much more we can take, 'cause the asphalt's burning my feet. Oh, I can't believe I'm alive with such resentment for countrymen so depraved. The trail was tinted red with all the blood that we gave. They're trying to bury us alive. So hey, never settle. We're all we've got. They can steal the ground from under our feet. They can break it, but they can't take my heart from me. Remember old Jerome down in High Point? I've been told of a terrible disgrace. He had a business partner - his name's been erased. Some company kidnapped his brainchild, I can't believe I ever trusted these organ thieves. A self made man they drove insane - he prescribed himself a bullet to ease all the pain: "Take one with alcohol in the parking lot." Nobody heard the shot, but we hear the echo today. (C. Chubb)
Track Name: Good Words
Thunder Rolling Down The Mount, they hear your voice but it don't count. It sounds a pitch they will amount to, nothing more than wishes made by savage men stuck in the fade, so easily abused in trade. They talk so convincingly, but good words only last when they're spoken honestly. Let that trusting feeling go. Wallowa has let you grow, to nothing else your faith bestow. It's what they call God-given right. Your skin is red and theirs is white. What they can't buy they'll take with might. (H. Mendell)
Track Name: 47 Million
Clay Street, I heard was a wreck but I've never had trouble here, in part to the painting of rams, growing closer with every year. And maybe Carver used to be rough, but I'll bet it was loved by some who were forced out due to bloating rent, bills, and ethnocentric scum. Man, you know I like waterslides, but you've gotta be kidding me. I'm done with flat screen televisions above running machines. I'm done with Michael Rao taking the state's money, as the students allow the schools apology: "You're not getting in class this year." $47 million lost on a newer fucking gym. (H. Mendell)
Track Name: The Green Light
Daisy, daisy my dear, it's been five years since I left your home. When I didn't come back to your shore was not to say that I didn't mean to - no. I've been biding my time, becoming the man you've always wanted of me. And now I've got you in my life, and I won't let go. I don't know whether I should go or stop every time I see that green light at the end of your dock. Daisy, please don't make me beg, I would up and leave West Egg if it's what you demand. We could just keep moving east, where I'll build you a new life where the ocean meets the sand. I would give all of this up. I would drain this well-filled cup if it meant you at my side. But I know things aren't as they seem. If I gave up this American dream, I could never catch your eye. (C. Athey)
Track Name: Carver Blues
My friends are a block away, but I wouldn't leave this house for nothing, so I order delivery with Jake. Like poison filling the lungs of every alcoholic that's left wanting, thoughts of you leave me unstrung. The only thing I'd leave this house to see if living in a different city, but she ain't seeing me tonight. Why do I always want for wants out of reach? May contentment stay. (H. Mendell)
Track Name: San Francisco Courthouse Steps
I slept in a memory of pride for a friend sleeping stronger than me, in a dream of a home where he slept next to lovers in peace. And I slept in a memory of guilt for the worries that keep me awake, in a fragment of earth that I spent twenty years trying to shake. Out west there's a stone and a flower in memory of things turned to dust - a song sung to wolves while they fed on a book full of rust. In time we'll be written in history as barbaric, short sighted, and slow. To use common sense with the purpose to flourish and grow. Oh, how we love what we know. (H. Mendell)
Track Name: Take You In My Coffee
I'm a ritual healer, honey, I'll take you in my coffee. You'll be sweet on my lips, now whisper, "Dear Father, lay me down." I'll receive you in my chamber, if you'd do the same for me. I'll receive you in my chamber, just conceal your injuries. And I'm aware of the burden you heave, it's original sin. "Honey, this is what you need." And I'll come bearing gifts in a selfish attempt, just as soon as our status is tax exempt. How many sleepless nights will it take, before you realize this is all for good God's sake? How many nights full of pain and strife? Only every one for the rest of your life. (C. Chubb)
Track Name: Probably Not
I traded learning for a coffee shop, and I'm losing money in the long run. Can't advance too far once the curve is done. Now I'm stuck at a community school, it's kind of nice but I still daydream, as I stare at my book, tearing at that seam, I wonder if I would have made it on the other team. Just when I feel that I'm losing steam, I meet some people that inspire truth, and tell myself that I can change. It would be so quick if I could rearrange the pile of laundry in my living room. I can't pretend that I don't need it, but it's gotten so high it can barely fit, just like the worries in my heart that will never quit. It seems that luck is simply another way to hurt me. A plan that feels so steady would never mean shit here lately. (H. Mendell)
Track Name: In the Dark
South, by a beach with a cave, you never speak, but you wave back to the rocks on the shore. Eroding away, they fall to the floor, where you were diagnosed as terminally ill. Where you should be warm, in the dark you feel a chill. North, in the ice and the snow you're melting away, nowhere to go. Back to the cave in the sand, the mouth is now gone, balled up in your hand, before you swallowed hole the mouths you used to feed. I know you tried so hard, but in time we all secede. Don't feel the guilt that I deserve, your blood was spilled with flowing nerves that wrapped their veins around my throat. And though I lay, at least I float. (H. Mendell)
Track Name: Crosby Sux
I think I've spent too many of my days and my nights drink after drink watching hockey, and looking for a fight. Even my nearest and dearest will suffice, this is rough. I just can't get enough and I'm as cold as the ice. Have I forgotten how to skate? Have I ever even learned? I hope it isn't too late. So if I can shut my fucking mouth this time can you show me life aside from the ladder I climb? Oh I'm a god damned vault - trouble hearing but I listen well. So paint me red, spill it all, and I swear that I won't tell. And I value these conversations, some people take them for granted. I wish they'd refrain all they do is complain. I think i've spent too much of my time and my money talking to cats, smoking cigarettes. Ain't it funny how therapeutic it can be? But it's not my idea of therapy. Abraham don't give a shit about my regrets. Have I forgotten what it means to be free? Or have I ever been free? (C. Chubb)
Track Name: Blame
If we're speaking honest, I don't think the two of you were right - just a matter of time. But I'm glad you married. I'm glad I got to know you both, I hope you know. Blame is on my mind, but it's not involving you. I've tried shooting different stars for the things they made me do. Doubt is in my spine, in the nerves that work my feet. 'Cause that choice to run form home - it was made only by me. My head gets aching when I notice how we act the same in every way. So I'm glad I like you, because I sure would hate to hate myself with your help. (H. Mendell)