When I Couldn't Breathe

by Sundials

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released September 25, 2012

Harris Mendell - Guitar/vocals
Carl Athey - Bass/vocals
Cory Chubb - Drums

Additional back up vocals by Mimi Gallagher and Cory Chubb

All songs written by Sundials
Recorded and Mixed by Mike Bardzik
Mastered By Bill Henderson at Azimuth
Cover art and layout by Alexandra Dimitri


all rights reserved


Track Name: 710
Walking through New Haven,
Meeting the life I'd have a chance at
If I half paid attention, if I didn't sleep.

You stop down the sidewalk,
Picking up calls and disconnections.
You're listening but you don't talk, you look at me.
And you just can't speak.

I guess that I’m feeling selfish.
I know that it’s gone, but I’m not there.
Sometimes I don’t wanna care.
It’s just a place I used to sleep,
Let it burn without me.

Between the silence on the ride down
We’ll try to laugh about our lives now.
All I can do is try to forget this.
Track Name: New York Crunch
Do you ever miss Korea?
I sense a disconnect in your working week--
You told me that you love mathematics,
You told me you had been a science geek.
The words that you can't speak
They're rolling up the time you need.

Got no concern about the future
‘Cause I forget the fates of the ones I missed.
Like my head was just in Goguryeo,
An older Seoul it just could not resist,
I haven’t seen it since.

Tell me how you find the time to be in love
When I can't find a reason why.
Tell me why Korea never was enough.
I hope I get it, man I hope I get it in time.

I know I’m assuming something.
Shut me up, I’ll give you a break.
When I’m a complacent nothing
Shut me up, I’ll give you a break.
Track Name: When I Couldn't Breathe
Sitting at the bar, trying my best to stay sweet, it’s so damn hard.
And you come along, run your fingers through my rat’s nest,
Ask me how I am. Tightness in my chest.
But I’d never tell you that. All I want is to hold you close.
Say, yesterday we spoke as the rain came down. It felt all right.

When I couldn’t breathe you were on my mind.
How’s that for having a crush?
Oh, but you’re way too pretty,
and I’m a fucking total wreck.

Standing on the porch, I can’t escape your eyes.
We sit down on the steps, talk about this year.
I could make a million mixtapes for you.
Track Name: Seventy-Five
You won’t have to tell me everything’s gonna be alright,
As long as you’re by my side.
The glow of your irises my nightlight,
By them I’ll abide.

So let’s head south to a warmer state, I don’t wanna be bitter cold.
We tend to irritate each other. It’s a long drive,
Keep a steady pace--no higher than seventy-five.

We’ll be on our best behavior long as you got that smile.
Holding my tongue just isn’t in my nature,
I’ll try for a while.
Track Name: Completely Broken
I turned off Harrison to Clay going east into the right hand lane,
And in my hurry coming home I forgot it was an only way.
I saw the headlights of oncoming cars.
They say you think about your life so far,
All I saw was headlights,
So I thought that it felt right.

Out of mind ‘cause you think it’s gonna hurt me.
I don’t mind cause I know I’ve gotta be completely broken.

If you could find me in the street in a moment’s time, I'd love you here.
I hope you find the kid you shared all your dreams with back in senior year.
Track Name: Unpredictable
I check the fridge twice,
Like there would be something I hadn't seen yet.
I take a side step around the trash I don’t take out.
I've gotta be nice,
I've gotta look like I get closure.
Don't have to tell me I look older,
I'm aware I'm wearing down.

I turn the heat up,
Shut the kettle, and forget it.
But when I run it wakes you every morning.
I’m just trying stop it from disturbing you.
Maybe tomorrow I won't hear its voice cutting through.

A little bit unpredictable,
I think you’d like me just a little bit,
But I’m so predictable.
Track Name: Mosby Blues
With your arm behind my head,
Taking Mosby back to Upperville again.
Say you love me,
Cause I've felt this here before,
And what I see ain't what I asked for;
All of my youth, wanting more.

I've got a feeling and I just can't shake it.

It’s a twelve foot jungle gym
Turned a bird cage
When I only played with it on the good days.
Track Name: Untitled
Anesthetics, and my self-doubt,
And when I zone out I’ve got cigarettes.
How pathetic can one man get?
I’m a waste of space it’s plain to see,
You know where I’m coming from.
Just sit here wondering who will it be
To break this spell. I’m dumb.
And I’m done. I’m done with feeling good.

So come on babe, make me numb.
Now that you’re in my head
It’s just a matter of time
Before you’re fed up with me
And all these hopeless dreams are dead.

How much will I sacrifice?
I like sleeping alone in the grip of a vice.
I’m afraid of what I’ve become.
Some escape the guilt, some pay the price.
So come on babe make me numb.
My heart is yours to win.
Absolve me of my grievous sins,
End the curse under which I’ve been
So that I might love again.
Track Name: Brain Waves
Consult me on my dreams,
I want the meaning that I sought but never found.
You’d think that I’d be scared of what's in them.
It’s strange, I’m not.
But I’m always in the same place. The skies are overcast.
Is this a vision of a future storm?
Or maybe a recalling of the past?

Either way I know, there's some significance that can’t be shown.
I just can not bring myself to admit
that they mean nothing, ‘cause they won’t quit.
And why should I quit on them?

I can always feel it coming--
A massive tidal shift.
It disobeys the moon and surges forward to take me.
WIth a wave, away I drift.
But it’s not so much a nightmare
As a stern and urgent warning.
At least that I think that I’ve gained some respect from them
When I wake up in the morning.
Why should I quit on them, as long as I can fall asleep?
Track Name: The Mad Stork Makes Another Movie
There are days I'd rather not wake and face the world at all
Because the weights so crushing, and I can never sleep too long.
But then I think of times we've had, get out of bed.

There are ways to pace the day, and plugs to keep my ears from blowing
From all the trash I hear about our petty lives and where we’re going.
Where we’re going is not so bad.

So how did I get so empty?
To think that there were times when we spoke our minds for hours, dodging sleep.
How did I get so empty? I remember the day.
You had something to say but you couldn't find the words.
Nor could I.
Track Name: Some Kinda Time
Can you tell me the score?
I know that’s one thing you keep.
Took a nap on the floor. Sleep is shallow, pain is deep.
Case of blue ribbon beer,
I can hear a trio in the next room.
If I could just disappear
into the atmosphere, as it thickens with gloom.

I’m not gonna say, I’m not gonna say,
that ignorance is bliss.
The past two years have been sublime but sometimes
Clarity ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.
If feeling this way is a crime
I’ll find some kinda time.

Don’t wanna talk on the phone
But I love the sound of your voice.
To memory loss I am prone,
And now I’m all alone,
And I’m left with no choice.

I’m away, hey I know.
Say that you’ll stay, don’t go
Track Name: Strange
You still make me nervous
And I grin like a moron when I think about you.
Not sure if I deserve this, this feeling.
Come on, tell me that you’ve got it too.

We could fall in love. Wouldn’t that be strange?
Let’s talk about the things we’d never change.

But I don’t even have your number,
And I hate that we can’t communicate in this place,
But all of my discomfort disappears the moment I see your face.
This guy says I’m popular.
Not quite sure what he means by that--
Not you. Right?

I’ll bet you can’t recall them,
The times we’ve touched,
and they probably don’t mean much to you. So,
From where these feelings all stem, the heart I buried,
It’s yours I’d like to know.

So let’s get married. Wouldn’t that be strange?
Let’s talk about the things we’d never change.
Never change.

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